I miss this place
Patrice W, Chesapeake VA
3 month(s) Ago

One of the few places I miss about Annapolis MD! I can't wait to come back and visit. I definitely miss Bob and Judy who became family to me! The sandwiches were a plus.

Love but would delivery option
Lex, Annapolis, MD
2 year(s) ago

Love the sandwiches, but don’t have time to go pick them up during the work day with a ton of meetings, so would love a delivery option to enjoy these sandwiches more often.

Best Deli
Janice Schultz, Pueblo, Colorado
2 year(s) ago

The deli that has it all! We had sandwiches, cookies, cake, and cheese spread with Italian crackers. Delicious food and lovely owners serving you.

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47 Randall St
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